The guide to Automatic Monitoring and Targeting

Giving you confidence in your data

Monitoroing Energy

What is the case for sub-metering?

If you don’t have sub-metering all you really know about your utility or energy consumption is – how much it costs, and perhaps what month you used it.


Key Design Principles

How do you go about implementing metering and the associated systems you need?


Data Acquisition

The data journey can be somewhat confusing considering the amount of technology and steps that must employed throughout. However, there is always a solution for each scenario and the true skill is to utilise the correct one for each appropriate case, in order to implement the key design principles.


Monitoring & Targeting

Energy Monitoring and Targeting is primarily a management technique that uses energy information as a basis to eliminate waste, reduce and control current level of energy use and improve the existing operating procedures. It builds on the principle “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”.

Basic M&T

Basic Monitoring and Targeting can be achieved using simple analysis that is based around half-hourly data profiles.


Key Drivers for M&T

When considering new technology if you don’t have consumption information at a reasonably granular level then it is much more difficult to make decisions confidently.


Advanced M&T

More advanced energy management techniques including Normalisation and Benchmarking as well as using aM&T software solutions.


Measurement & Verification

Your aM&T system is an essential tool to ensure money that is spent on new plant or equipment projects such as lighting replacements, new CHP etc. are returning the expected savings.


How to find out more about aM&T?

Contact the ESTA aM&T group members who can provide solutions and advice


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