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The Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA) is the UK’s leading energy management industry association and dedicated trade body. With over 30 years’ involvement in energy management, ESTA is a standard setter in the development of the industry. We have a highly regarded and impressive track record of promoting our members’ interests at the highest levels in the UK, Europe and internationally. Find out more…

automatic Monitoring & Targeting group (aM&Tg)

The ESTA aM&T Group provides a dedicated trade body to support ESTA members who provide a range of products and services targeted at measuring, acquiring, managing, processing and analysing energy data in the pursuance of energy efficiency.

aM&Tg Ethos:

The Group is dedicated to achieving that strong foundation of energy data necessary to make informed decisions regarding energy and cost reduction. Its’ values include not only the professionalism which its’ members demonstrate to clients but also a willingness to work with other members so as to form a strong link in what is often a chain of products and services required to effectively take a client from initial measurement to full understanding.


  • Establish the Group as both the leading authority on aM&T issues as well as the
    preferred source of aM&T equipment, software and service providers.
  • To encourage sharing and exchange of knowledge both within the aM&T group and also with other ESTA specialist groups.
  • To influence government and energy industry policy and regulation as well as the development of technical standards in order to support and, where possible, incentivise the adoption of aM&T as a path toward energy reduction and demand-side management.
  • To identify barriers to the adoption of aM&T and work together to remove or mitigate same.

aM&Tg Chair:

Tim Holman

Tim Holman
Head of Operations, TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd.)

Tim has a great deal of experience in the practical implementation of energy management solutions and is Head of Operations at TEAM overseeing the delivery of the companies outsourced energy management services. He has nearly 25 years experience in energy management, metering, monitoring and targeting working his way through the ranks at TEAM since 1997. Tim set up the Energy Services division of the company in 2010 and held the position of Solutions and Operations Director until the company’s acquisition by EDW Technology Ltd in 2017. Tim graduated from the University of Salford with an MEng Mechanical Engineering and went on to obtain an MSc in Energy Conservation & the Environment from Cranfield University. He is a Chartered Energy Engineer and a Member of the Energy Institute.

Chair’s Introduction

Every organisation, both private and public sector, needs to control its costs to maintain a healthy balance sheet. Energy costs come straight off the bottom line and having the right data and analysis tools is the basis for understanding every part of your energy consumption.

Although simple and easily understood, this wide-ranging statement hides behind it the complexity involved in designing, implementing, maintaining and managing a fit-for-purpose aM&T strategy.

The information the aM&T group has put together on this website aims to set out and explain some of the basics (and a few advanced techniques) that make up this subject; before highlighting the ESTA members who have expertise to deliver a strategy for you.

ESTA’s Automatic Monitoring & Targeting Group, supports an effective, transparent and professional approach to supplying products or services but also aims to deliver useful information, best practice and advice to industry stakeholders.

I encourage you to read through some of the guidance and thoughts herein and to task us to provide the right services and technology for your needs.

Tim Holman, Chair – ESTA aM&Tg and Head of Operations, TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd)

How to find out more about aM&T?

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