The guide to Automatic Monitoring and Targeting

ESTA 40 years of delivering energy efficiency

In February 1982 Dr Glenn Brookes left his job working for Government and founded what was originally the Energy Systems Trade association with seven founder members.

SMART automatic Monitoring & Targeting conference and exhibition: 12 March 2020

UK’s leading SMART aM&T Conference & Exhibition showcasing the latest in bespoke metering, monitoring & smart building technology together with energy management services

New Automatic Monitoring and Targeting Guide Launched

Members of the Energy Services and Technology Association’s Automatic Monitoring and Targeting Group (ESTA’s aM&Tg) have launched a new on-line guide to introduce and inform end users to the importance of Monitoring Energy.


Welcome to the new aM&T guide website from the ESTA aM&T group. We hope you find this guide useful. Tim Holman group Chair